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Gooopress distributes press releases and multimedia content annually on behalf of thousands of clients, including growing businesses, institutions, non-profit organizations and many of the world's largest public companies. We have options to suit your specific needs and budget, as well as editorial services that are second to none.

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Easily build an online content hub to manage what you own, acquire and social media, fully customizable to match your brand. The best part? It never goes out of style. News articles, social media posts, and other content you keep track of in Listen can be published in your newsroom with just a few clicks. It's easy to maintain updated, engaging content for your audience.

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Businesses today are looking for vetted solutions and architectural guidance to quickly address business challenges. Whether clients prefer off-the-shelf marketing services or customizable architectures, the Gooopress Solutions Library can provide solutions for a broad range of industry and technology use cases.

Our solutions include: automotive industry, consumer packaged goods, financial services industry, gaming industry, manufacturing and industrial, media and entertainment, non-profit organizations, public companies, etc.

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According to different industries and needsWe have different service packages designed to help you achieve successful marketing while saving money. Our lowest press release package is $99, which includes more than 100 media outlets affiliated with CNN.

Notably, we accept cryptocurrency payments from businesses in the cryptocurrency industry.

Stories from successful people

The world's first immersive NFT exhibition event

On June 2, 2021, the first immersive NFT exhibition organized by global brands initiated by NFT BAZL was successfully held in Miami, attracting more than 500 guests and a large number of famous artists.

In subsequent continuous reports, NFT BAZL brand searches continued to rise. Its NFT collections have been in hot sales, with the average price of a single collection exceeding $20,000.


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